Explain the need for the Integrated Personality of a Teacher

A teacher has to have multiple roles which have to be performed differently in different circumstances. To achieve the broader goals of education, these roles need to be properly integrated.

Let us take an example of the verity involved in a school system. The constituents of the school are teachers, students and infrastructure facilities. Students have varying backgrounds, characteristics, abilities, interests, motivations and attitudes. Infrastructure facilities vary in terms of their availability, quality and quantity. For instance, some infrastructure facilities like furniture, classroom, maps, charts, apparatus and materials required to perform science experiments, mathematical instruments, TV, video, computer, slide and film projector etc. may be or may not be available. They may be sufficient in some cases in number while in others these may be insufficient. Similarly some of these may not be in good working condition. A teacher has to decide upon what and how to carry out his/her duties in different conditions so as to achieve the goals of education.

Also, formal schooling involves a time bound programme which is expected to be completed in stipulated time that has been decided upon as academic term.

Moreover, curricular framers have prescribed the weightage to be given to different items of content in terms of hours of teaching per week.

A school with its organisational structure, physical and human resources and management goals also provides a framework for the teacher to function. The functioning of a school in general and a teacher in particular is also governed to a great extent by expectations and needs of a society, political decisions and cultural heritage of the nation at large.

A teacher will be able to efficiently perform different roles with and other educational experiences that he/she has gained. This educational experience adds to a teacher’s thinking, observation, ability and skills of management. A teacher who performs these roles in an INTEGRATED manner is able to perceive the need for the all-round development of student’s personality and provide appropriate learning opportunities  to achieve the pre-specified goals of education.


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