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Understand The Meaning, Nature and Significance of PoIicy Evaluation

  INTRODUCTION Policy process is quite long and arduous. As noted in the previous units, the policy process comprises of various key stages. It begins with the identification of problems and issues for policies, chalking out...


Importance of Democratic Decentralization For Good Governance

  Good Governance’ has become a very fashionable concept in the literature on Political Science and Public Administration. It is also widely used by International Agencies such as the United Nations, the World Bank and IMF....


Explain the concept and significance of E-learning

E-learning is an approach to facilitate and enhance learning through and based on, both computer and communication technology. It refers to the use of computer-based electronic technologies of internet, e-mail, websites and CD-ROMS to deliver, facilitate...


Why Right to Information (RTI) is essential for citizens in a democracy

Right to information is essential for citizens of a truly democratic state for the following reasons: • To ensure a transparent government which is accountable to the people- the right to information ensures that the people...


Define Information and Communications Technology

Define Information and Communications Technology Webopaedia defines ‘information’ as a word, which has many different meanings in everyday usage and in specialised contexts, but as a rule, it is a concept that is closely...


Discuss how democracy and development are related to each other.

Discuss how democracy and development are related to each other. The debate on the relationship between democracy and development has dealt with two questions: are they compatable with each other? Or are they inimical to...

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